Crimson Rose Fire and Ice – Chase

Owner: Mercedes Merkel / Cornelia Stenger


ED: 0

Pra 1 Clear

Pra 2 Clear

PrcdPra Clear

Eyes Clear 20230118

NCL Carrier

Ichthyosis Clear

Correct Dentition


Chase is a well balanced stud dog from a pure american line breeding

He has a lovable golden disposition, is very social with other dogs and friendly with everybody.

Chase is not only handsome, he also shows many traits of his well known ancestors in addition to a great willingness for any kind of work, wich makes training with him a pleasure.

He is an outgoing, selfconfident, mentaly strong male and he is always ready and highly motivated when it comes to work. Chase works also through tough cover, he loves the water and has a wonderful trainability, always eager to please. He is easy to handle, both when working and in everyday life, and he has a desirable « off switch » when at home or waiting in the car.

Chase is a real team player and such a joy to be around.

Chase‘ Accomplishments:

Obedience Class 3


BH Class 1 (Swiss Examination Rules for „Begleithund“ wich includes

Obedience, Tracking and Trainability from Distance)

Working Test Open  (Judge’s Choice Beginner Class & Novice Class)

BLP with a perfect full score („Bringleistungsprüfung“ – Test for hunting/retrieving fur & feather, on land and in water)

RCS – Swiss Obedience Winner of the Year 2016 (Class 1 & 2)

RCS – Swiss Obedience Winner of the Year 2017 (Class 2)

RCS – Swiss Obedience Winner of the Year 2018 (Class 3)

BH3, BH-VT,  3:rdpl. BH3 Swiss Championship 2022, IFH1.