Puppies part 13

Lots of things have happened since last week. More people are coming to see the puppies and that is good for them. Good to meet different people. I also had to do the second puppie test by myself since I couldn´t find anyone to help. Spite all the work that there is (6 different tasks for each and everyone) to fill in all the forms and to record at the same time. All went well and I could send all the videos to our ”professor”Curt Blixt. There is now only one more test to do when next week they turn 7 weeks Helena is coming to help me again. When the puppies are about 6 month you will recieve a document to fill in for me and at the big test BPH at 1 year we can then see what remains or not from the very first test done at 5 weeks. Interesting isn´t it?

The pups sure like food and they eat like real sportdogs 🙂 They get raw food like the one on the photo, and they looove this food.

Already about 2 – 3 kg a day. Mummy is still feeding them some in the morning and as dessert in the evening:)

She is also a good teacher. They are not allowed to feed themselves anymore, now they have got sharp teeth….

Today was a more peaceful day so I took them for their first ride in the car. They did very well! The videos from them running free in a birch field(so beautiful) came out too big so unfortunately I couldn´t put them out for you. They had so much fun out there!

At home I kept counting and again counting and I only found 8 puppies!!! Look at the pics and you see -they can hide very well :)))

Håll till godo med lite nya bilder och filmer