Soon five weeks-time flies!!!

Two weeks have past since I wrote about one of the easiest litters I had so far. They are calm and silent when not very hungry 🙂 They are very easy to handle and gentle in the lap when being checked!  I think one of the reasons of being so easy is that their mother is sharp when needed and gentle when they behave. Shima is a good mother!

After starting feeding them fresh food they have grown a lot and not they weigh about 2-2,5 kg. They will start getting the fourth meal on Sunday.

I really hope all puppy buyers will continue with fresh/raw food. The very best you can give your dog!!!

This week end the first visitors will come to greet and cuddle. It´s always interesting to beware the interaction of the pups towards new persons and children.

Here are some pics and videos(click on the link to watch)

Take care and stay safe 🙂