My name is AnneCharlotte Bengtsson and I live i Söderköping (about 200km south of Stockholm). Since 2 years I run the kennel Vassruggen. My heart belongs to the search and rescue activity and operation. For about 15 years I was linked to SWIFT USAR team associated to MSB – Swedish Civil contingencies Agency. When having a search and rescue course a met some people who at the same time was training their dogs in retrieving and this was how hunting and retriever training became a part of a new lifestile. I was lost 🙂 watching the dog working in its natural element and towards the aim of the retriever breeding. Today I train and compete in both search and rescue och field trials.

2016 was a turning point. Ulla Frisk offered me this most trustfull assignment in overtaking her thoroughly well known breeding, the Kennel Vassruggen. The foundation in Ulla´s breeding has always been to preserve and protect the origin abilities, the roots of the working golden retriever. Her aim was to expand a golden retriver that was based on 3 pillars ”Mentality -function – attitude”. The inside and a pysical strong structure should be more important than the look of the dog.

The ”once-in-a-lifetime” and most successful dog given to me, is SEJCH NOJCH SETJHRDHCH Vassruggens Vade Brand ”Odin”. Odin is derived from the Amertrail lines -Joy´s Pool Position ”Joy” a splendid bitch that Ulla imported to Sweden from Canada. The personality and capacity of Joy generated into many talented dogs who have the drive and focus that is so special and that I like so much. Workwise it is this drive that makes them strong and competitive.

One of the missions in breeding is of course to strive for breeding strong and healthy puppies. This is obvious for maintaining a solid trust. In my world of working dogs, a golden retriever must have ”GRIT”-perserverance, drive, guts and a strong motivation to work for the work it self, a softness that makes him/her willing to listen and be casted and directed and last, frank and open-hearted towards people and other dogs.

With this moral in mind I will continue the breeding of a Golden Retriver that is running fast with a strong focus driven by a happy soul.



“To those who feel there is no value in watching Goldens run in field trials or in hunt tests, when their only interest is in conformation competition, you are wrong! It is vitally important to see first-hand the structure and athleticism needed to cover the terrain and perform the functions for which the breed was intended. Too many judges and fanciers today see only the lovely expression, wagging tail, and often over-groomed, beautiful specimen in the conformation ring. Nothing can replace actually seeing this breed in action, fulfilling its historical purpose. The Golden Retriever’s athletic good looks must reflect its abilities, and nothing in the dog’s conformation should interfere with, or detract from, the Golden’s working, sporting characteristics. After all, the breed standard states ‘Primarily a hunting dog.’” The attributes that make the Golden Retriever an excellent hunting dog also make it a wonderful companion, and suited for many other purposes including assistance, therapy and guide work; search-and-rescue; performance events; and any working dog sport. 

(from a magazine somewhere sometime ago….)


Ambertrail Pool Position 9 weeks and 13 years ”Joy” -the first mother